Conference Day One

Wednesday - 27 March, 2024

7:45 am Registration & Morning Coffee

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Rich Dillon Chief Executive Officer, Ivy Farm Technologies

Accelerating the Development of Robust Cell Lines for Effective Upscaling

9:00 am Building an End-to-End Cultivated Meat Process From Cell Line Development to Perfusion & Hollow Fibre Reactors

  • Daan Luining Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Meatable


  • Using pluripotent cells for production
  • The opti-ox technology for high quality muscle and fat
  • How perfusion stir tank reactors produce high density cultures
  • The difference between in suspension differentiation and hollow fibre differentiation

9:30 am Accelerating Scalable Mammalian Cell Line Development to Maximise Proliferation


  • Ensuring cell lines differentiate into the correct cell types for the end-product application
  • Determining relevant biomarkers to check early on in a differentiation cycle to determine commercial viability under different bioprocess conditions
  • Overcoming slow iteration cycles when testing different parameters to aid decision making

10:00 am Overcoming the Lack of Research & Protocol Availability for Effective Fish Cell Line Development


  • Sharing updates on novel strategies for effective development of novel fish cell lines
  • Understanding relevant lessons from mammalian cell line development and key indicative biomarkers
  • Exploring inter-specific variables in development protocols

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Building Effective, Scalable Analytical Frameworks to Determine Cell Line Viability in R&D

11:30 am Establishing Scalable Analytical Frameworks to Characterise Cell Line Stability & Differentiation Efficiency

  • Malkiel Cohen Vice President, Research & Development, Wanda Fish


  • Implementing continuous monitoring to measure cell line robustness and responses to bioprocess parameter changes
  • Transferring traditional biopharma analytical tools into the cultivated food industry
  • Debating online versus offline monitoring techniques in the context of efficacy and efficiency

12:00 pm Providing Scale & Supply Chain Security for Low-Cost Growth Factors Required for Commercial Cultivation

  • Bjorn Orvar Co- Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Head Of Business Development, ORF genetics


  • Utilising the protein machinery in plants to manufacture high-quality growth factors for cell cultivation.
  • Transforming the barley seed into an excellent host for low-cost growth factors production that bypasses expensive downstream processing.
  • How the seed production platform can provide the necessary scale for commercial production of animal growth factors with unique supply chain security.

12:30 pm Ensuring the Adaptability of Cell Lines to Industrial Production in R&D for Rapid Upscaling


  • Determining cellular characteristics that increase cell line robustness in high density cell culture by overcoming nutrition limitations, by product accumulation, and bioreactor heterogeneity
  • Promoting the plasticity of cell adaptability to variable industrial conditions
  • Uncovering biopharma cell lines that are suitable for cultivated food upscaling

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Keeping the End in Mind: Ensuring Cell Line Development Guarantees Taste & Quality of the Final Product

  • Kianti Figler Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Upstream Foods


  • Defining taste and the wild-type characteristics that need replicating
  • Sharing techniques to assess and quantify taste of cultivated fish
  • Leveraging this insight as a guide for effective cell line development

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Cultivated Meat & Seafood – Moving from R&D to Commercial Viability


  • Discussing main cost drivers in scale-up, lessons learned from traditional food, and the viability of strategic partnerships.
  • Ensuring sustainability through bioprocess efficiency, capex, upcycling, and co-manufacturing capacity.
  • Sharing novel strategies to facilitate scaling.

3:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Rich Dillon Chief Executive Officer, Ivy Farm Technologies

3:30 pm End of Conference Day One

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