Welcome to the Cultivated Meat & Seafood Bioprocessing Summit Europe

The last 6 months have brought a wave of European breakthroughs in the cellular agriculture industry from the first regulatory applications to Meatable’s new pilot plant and Wanda Fish’s successful funding round. Now is the time for your community to unite at the Cultivated Meat & Seafood Bioprocessing Summit Europe to explore the latest and greatest from cell line development to bioprocess development as the industry enters a critical consolidation phase.

With the UK Food Standard’s Agency publishing the first guidelines for cultivated meat and seafood approval, this summit offered the perfect opportunity to join 60+ visionaries, including CTOs, CSOs, Heads of Bioprocessing, Regulatory Affairs, and Analytical Development in a candid forum to share scientific insights, success stories, and lessons learned. Don't miss your chance to shape the future of cultivated meat and seafood, join us at the forefront of bioprocessing innovation in March!

Built with collaborative insights from the likes of BeneMeat, Meatable, and CUBIQ Foods here’s what you missed in 2024:

Explore next-generation media development strategies to reduce cost and maximise sustainability with Mewery and Mermade Seafoods in an ask-us-anything workshop

Learn how to build an end-to-end cultivated meat process from cell line development to perfusion and hollow fibre reactions from industry trailblazer Meatable and uncover Bioprocessing 101 strategies with Supermeat in a consultative workshop

Streamline R&D decision making and process adaptation, and overcome ethical questions for commercialisation with regulatory approval with Hoxton Farms and Meatafora

Optimise fit-for-purpose media development at different scales while maintaining taste and batch consistency with CUBIQ Foods

Examine the crossover between biopharma providers with cultivated meat to validate investment and enhance procurement strategies with BeneMeat

A Snapshot of Our Community:

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What Your Peers Have to Say:

“Very informative and great for networking” Chief Operating Officer Seawith

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‘This meeting is the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge of field advancements, network, exchange experience and arise the existing opportunity and challenges for success of cultivated protein industry’' Chief Operating OfficerOmeat